Tuolumne County Amateur Radio On The Air

New Linking Frequency Configuration

Quick Reference Guide
Duckwall: 147.945 (Main Hub, Primary, Central County)
Moccasin: 145.290 (Linked to Duckwall)
Pinecrest: 147.975 (Linked to Duckwall)
Columbia: 146.115 LIVE NOW!
Link Transmit PL tone is 146.2 for all (preferred)
Local Transmit PL tone is 100 for all (backwards compatible)

NOTE: On Duckwall, leave RX Tone SQL off or use 107.2 if you have split tone feature.

(Detailed: + means link mode)

Duckwall LinkDCKWL+W6FEJLINKED147.945(-) 0.600147.345146.2107.2 NEWYES
DuckwallDCKWLW6FEJLOCAL147.945(-) 0.600147.345100107.2 NEWNO
Moccasin LinkMCCSN+K6TUOLINKED145.290(-) 0.600144.690146.2100YES
MoccasinMCCSNK6TUOLOCAL145.290(-) 0.600144.690100100NO
Pinecrest LinkPCRST+K6TUOLINKED147.975(-) 0.600147.375146.2100YES
PinecrestPCRSTK6TUOLOCAL147.975(-) 0.600147.375100100NO
Columbia LinkCLMBA+K6TUOLINKED146.115(+) 0.600146.715146.2100YES
ColumbiaCLMBAK6TUOLOCAL146.115(+) 0.600146.715100100NO
we apologize if this table looks bad on phones.

Radio Downloads (New)

BAOFENG – This download is a ZIP file with firmware images 3 different models, UV-82, BF-F8HP, UV-5R. DOWNLOAD BAOFENG images Contains above repeater settings. Generic CVS File with new linked repeater configuration and other channels. From Ned, K6NED email ned.sudduth@gmail.com for assistance.

YAESU, RETEVIS, BTECH model code plugs are available here from Larry, N6LAW.

EMERGENCY DISPATCH Phone numbers. (Provided by W6JOE)
With our new linking system, a ham in the wilderness may request a ham in town to make a phone call to report a situation observed. If you load these contacts into your phone, you will be better prepared to relay emergency information directly to dispatchers and avoid 911 confusion or mis-routing to Nevada or elsewhere, depending on where you are.

Emergency AgencyPhone Number
Tuolumne Co Dispatch209-533-5815
Alpine Co Dispatch530-649-2231 x 0
Mariposa Co Dispatch209-966-3614
Calaveras Co Dispatch209-754-6500
San Andreas Dispatch209-754-0675
Mono Co Dispatch760-932-7549 x 7
Amador Co Dispatch209-223-1235
Stanislaus Forest Dispatch209-533-1130
Yosemite Park Dispatch209-379-1992
Madera Co Dispatch Office559-675-7770
El Dorado Co Dispatch530-621-6600
El Dorado Co Sheriff530-621-5655


T.C.A.R.E.S. APRS Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System K6TUO-3 APRS 144.390 MHZ.

K6TUO-R Echolink Node

Yosemite Ham Radio Repeater

Yosemite Turtleback Dome: 147.000 MHz + (100Hz)  TARC

Other Sierra Ham Radio Systems: