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Tuolumne County Amateur Radio On The Air

New Linking Frequency Configuration

Quick Reference Guide
Duckwall: 147.945 (Main Hub, Primary, Central County)
Moccasin: 145.290 (Linked to Duckwall)
Pinecrest: 147.975 (Linked to Duckwall)
Columbia: 146.115 (coming soon)
Link Transmit PL tone is 146.2 for all (preferred)
Local Transmit PL tone is 100 for all (backwards compatible)

(Detailed: + means link mode)

Duckwall Link (Main)DCKWL+W6FEJLINKED147.945(-) 0.600147.345146.2107.2 NEWYES
DuckwallDCKWLW6FEJLOCAL147.945(-) 0.600147.345100107.2 NEWNO
Moccasin LinkMCCSN+K6TUOLINKED145.290(-) 0.600144.690146.2100YES
MoccasinMCCSNK6TUOLOCAL145.290(-) 0.600144.690100100NO
Pinecrest LinkPCRST+K6TUOLINKED147.975(-) 0.600147.375146.2100YES
PinecrestPCRSTK6TUOLOCAL147.975(-) 0.600147.375100100NO
Columbia LinkCLMBA+K6TUOLINKED146.115(+) 0.600146.715146.2100YES
ColumbiaCLMBAK6TUOLOCAL146.115(+) 0.600146.715100100NO
we apologize if this table looks bad on phones.

Radio Downloads (New)

BAOFENG – This download is a ZIP file with firmware images 3 different models, UV-82, BF-F8HP, UV-5R. DOWNLOAD BAOFENG images Contains above repeater settings. Generic CVS File with new linked repeater configuration and other channels. From Ned, K6NED email for assistance.

YAESU, RETEVIS, BTECH model code plugs are available here from Larry, N6LAW.

EMERGENCY DISPATCH Phone numbers. (Provided by W6JOE)
With our new linking system, a ham in the wilderness may request a ham in town to make a phone call to report a situation observed. If you load these contacts into your phone, you will be better prepared to relay emergency information directly to dispatchers and avoid 911 confusion or mis-routing to Nevada or elsewhere, depending on where you are.

Emergency AgencyPhone Number
Tuolumne Co Dispatch209-533-5815
Alpine Co Dispatch530-649-2231 x 0
Mariposa Co Dispatch209-966-3614
Calaveras Co Dispatch209-754-6500
San Andreas Dispatch209-754-0675
Mono Co Dispatch760-932-7549 x 7
Amador Co Dispatch209-223-1235
Stanislaus Forest Dispatch209-533-1130
Yosemite Park Dispatch209-379-1992
Madera Co Dispatch Office559-675-7770
El Dorado Co Dispatch530-621-6600
El Dorado Co Sheriff530-621-5655


T.C.A.R.E.S. APRS Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System K6TUO-3 APRS 144.390 MHZ.

K6TUO-R Echolink Node

Yosemite Ham Radio Repeater

Yosemite Turtleback Dome: 147.000 MHz + (100Hz)  TARC

Other Sierra Ham Radio Systems: