Vision and Mission of TCARES

Vision: The vision of TCARES is to be a center, or hub, for amateur radio enthusiasts, known for our commitment to innovation, education, and community engagement. We aspire to cultivate an environment where members of all skill levels can learn, share, and thrive in the realm of radio communication. By combining the old with the new, we will continue in supporting existing programs, developing and shaping the future of ham radio and its applications, and upholding the core values of camaraderie, learning, and public service.

Mission: The mission of TCARES is to: a) support amateur radio events; c) provide radio communications support teams for local community events; c) provide health and safety communication services for emergencies and disasters; d) maintain disaster and emergency readiness by conducting regular simulation drills and participating in disaster simulation events; e) maintain our 2 meter linked repeater system for radio communication purposes; f) educate and train new amateur radio operators and conduct FCC testing for new licenses and upgrades; g) provide educational services and demonstrations to local area schools and community organizations; and h) create a positive, supportive environment for our members that promotes camaraderie and fellowship.