TCARES Exhibit @ 2018 Father’s Day Fly-In

TCARES Exhibit @ 2018 Father’s Day Fly-In

TCARES applied for a free information and demo booth at the 2018 Father’s Day Fly-In for the purpose of educating the general public about the Amateur Radio arts.

We are looking to see if there are about 10 to 14 club members interested in staffing 2 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday.  If we get enough sign ups, we will send in our application to get a space.

In the booth space, we will put up a canopy and tables, set up some antennas and radios, hand out flyers and brochures, etc.   It is a very popular event with tons of families with kids there along with Boy Scouts and other organizations and vendors.  This is a great way to educate some youth about Ham Radio.

Interested in staffing a 2 hour shift?

Send us an email:

We have new ARRL brochures to hand out.