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Groveland Grind Bike Event Radio Support

June 8 @ 6:30 am 1:00 pm PDT

The Ultimate Gravel/MTB Cycling Adventure Returns to Groveland, CA!

The Groveland Grind is a Yosemite Area Adventure Ride on mixed terrain(pavement, broken pavement, dirt and gravel)on Yosemite National Park’s doorstep! Three amazing routes with amazing views to choose from- Ride the 48 miles Long route- The Rumble up to Trumbull(Peak), the 30 miles medium route or the 21 miles Short route through the majestic Stanislaus National Forest on historic sections of the original roads and railroads to Yosemite!

First, please be on site by 6 am on Saturday (the race starts at 8 am and this gives us time to go over logistics, get to the sites to set up, and prepare). We will meet at the parking lot at the intersection of Yosemite Lakes Road and Harden Flat Road (31191 Hardin Flat Rd, Groveland, CA 95321). You will receive instructions, along with equipment for the day (i.e. popup shade structures, chairs, tables, lunches/drinks, clipboards and forms, etc.). You will then head out to your assigned site (see map), following an experienced TCARES member, who will guide you to your location.

Second, once on site, you will set up your station for the day. We will be using the Duckwall VHF TCARES repeater for ham operations. Additionally, there will be a crossband repeater set up (frequency = 147.510 MHz; PL = 141.3 Hz) to link into Duckwall, if needed).

Third, your primary responsibility will be to provide communications support for the race. Incidents might include some of the following: crashes, mechanical failures, injuries/medical issues, navigation errors, encounters with wildlife, equipment damage, collisions, etc. Our job will be to report any incidents to net control, who will then relay the information to the race directors, who will take action. Be prepared to follow commands and protocols. We will be provided with an incident report form, to be completed, if necessary, following any incidents.

Finally, once all participants have passed by your station, you will pack up all of your gear (i.e. popups, tables, chairs, etc.) and return to the Start/Finish Line to turn in all of your equipment. Food will be served at 12 noon and awards will be given at 3 pm. You will be free to leave after you have turned in all of your equipment at the Finish Line, or you can stay for food and awards. T-shirts will be given out at the end of the race for TCARES participants. Please check with the race directors to obtain yours.

Thank you all, SO MUCH, for your volunteer efforts – the race directors have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for all of your efforts and we wish you a safe journey home following the race festivities.

If you have any questions, please email me and we’ll go from there.

73, jeff, n6jwt

More info coming soon https://grovelandtrailheads.org/events/groveland-grind-2024/

Yosemite Lakes RV Resort

31191 Hardin Flat Rd
Groveland, California 95321