Emergency Public Service & TCARES

Emergency public service and TCARES, what do you know about this? The Tuolumne County Amateur Radio & Electronics Society (TCARES) has always been intimately involved in and supportive of our emergency service providers. It is in our blood and brain! TCARES support is overtly demonstrated by participation in two other organizations: ARES and RACES.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has been a strong supporter of emergency public service. To this end, some decades ago ARRL established the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or ARES. ARES functions to support local, state, national, and international emergency service needs by organizing ham radio operators as volunteers who support communication needs of these emergency providers. Tuolumne County ARES (not the same as TCARES) is a subdivision of the San Joaquin Valley Section (of ARRL) ARES. To learn more about national ARES and the San Joaquin Valley Section ARES, TCARES members met with Dan Sohn, Assistant ARES Emergency Coordinator for the San Joaquin Valley Section at its meeting on May 11, 2019. A lot of information was shared, questions asked and answered, and a generally good time was had. If you are interested in becoming an ARES member simply contact Larry KJ6QVI by email. If you have questions about ARES or just want more information go to the ARRL ARES Website.

Another long-time and strong supporter of emergency public service is the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) is a function of the government. It is organizationally within the Tuolumne County Office Of Emergency Services, which coordinates activities and emergency incident support with the California Office Of Emergency Services. In turn the California OES is part of a larger national network of state and federal emergency services. Tuolumne County RACES is activated when needed by the Tuolumne County OES. When activated RACES functions are provided by licensed amateur radio operators who have volunteered and been appointed by Tuolumne County OES as Disaster Service Workers. The Tuolumne County OES is managed by Liz Peterson and is a subdivision of the office of the County Administrator. TCARES is proud to announce that Ms. Peterson will be attending its Breakfast Membership Meeting on Saturday, June 8, 2019, at the My Garden Cafe in Sonora, CA. If you have questions, are interested, curious (or just hungry) you should join us for that meeting (TCARES membership is not required).

Questions about TCARES can be emailed to info@tcares.net
Questions about ARRL ARES can be emailed to kj6qvi@hotmail.com
Questions about RACES can be emailed to pfwb6ggy@mlode.com