Results of the Earthquake Drill with County OES

SHAKEOUT DRILL: A big thanks to the 40 people that checked into the net from all parts of the County and other counties. The County GIS Mapping crew made amazing maps and kept updating as we conducted the 45 minute NET. TC OES staff thanked us for the demonstration and we discussed changes and additions for the next exercise/drill. Here are some photos.

Results/Feedback/Lessons Learned:

  • 40+ Local hams checked in!
  • Good coverage across the county
  • Some stations had difficulty checking in from Pinecrest and Moccasin
  • We want to test the SWR on all UHF/VHF antennas at the EOC.
  • Need more stations Winlink Capable.
  • Should have announced some frequencies and tones for linking.
  • Need to rethink the checkin method and have smaller groups.
  • Prioritize checkins from High Country, specific repeaters, etc.
  • Repeat back full message to confirm accuracy.
  • Have HF running as an option with another net control.
  • Identify which antenna is highest at EOC.
  • Conduct monthly drill on Thursdays at noon in this manner.