2019 TCARES Membership Roster

Greetings TCARES Members and Friends! I am happy to announce that TCARES (Tuolumne County Amateur Radio & Electronics Society) has almost 100 dues paying members. The dues paid by members is the only source of reliable revenue received by the club. It helps to defray the costs of maintaining the five (5) mountain top repeaters in Tuolumne County. I want to thank all those who join the club and pay the annual dues of $30.

Submit a New Application

As you may recall, the club has historically distributed to its members a list of all the members, along with contact information for the members. The Board has decided to change that practice slightly. To facilitate this change each new AND renewing member will be asked to submit an application for new or renewal status. The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year. The new application form asks for your name and call sign. In addition contact information is requested; however, you will be provided the option to indicate which, if any, of the contact mechanisms you want to have distributed to the membership at large. I know that some don’t mind if all their contact information is public, but I also know that others prefer to lead a life that is a little more under the radar.

Roster Distribution

In July or early August we will distribute an updated membership roster with all the members’ names and call signs, in addition to the contact information for those members who prefer to distribute it.

Thank you all for your support now, in the past, and continued support. If you are not a member, but are a license amateur radio operator, we invite you to join TCARES and help to support its many activities as well as the mountain top repeaters.

Larry Crabtree