Introduction to Ham Radio Class Planned

Is TCARES Teaching?

The Tuolumne County Amateur Radio & Electronics Society (TCARES) is planning a class that will teach interested folks the basics of amateur radio necessary to pass the FCC required Technician Level Amateur Radio Examination. This class is in the planning stages, tentatively commencing in the spring of 2019. It will be about 10 weeks long with one class meeting each week, most likely on Saturdays. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) training material will be used for the curriculum. Students will be asked to purchase their own License Manual for about $34 (or at a small discount through TCARES). The ARRL provides instructional material including PowerPoint Presentations that accompany the student License Manual.

Teaching will be shared amoung 4 or 5 assistant instructors. Each instructor will be provided with ARRL instructional material and PowerPoint Presentations for his or her instructional area. Instructors will not need to attend every class, but will be asked to attend the classe(es) immediately following their specific presentations to answer any questions from students. General topics include:

  • Welcome to Amateur Radio
  • Radio and Signals Fundamentals
  • Electricity, Components, and Circuits
  • Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines
  • Amateur Radio Equipment
  • Communicating With Other Hams
  • Licensing Regulations
  • Operating Regulations
  • Safety

We are currently soliciting interested licensed operators to be assistant instructors. Assistant Instructors do not need to have any particular instructor certificate or training, just interest, desire, and time. If you are interested in assisting, please email KJ6QVI Larry at with your name, call sign, contact information, and what areas you are most comfortable teaching.

We are very excited about this opportunity to teach citizens about the hobby and reach out to our communities with this opportunity. We plan to recruit students from KK6QPP Ron’s Basic Radio Class, Columbia College, and Tuolumne County OES, etc. If you have ideas where we might find either Assistant Instructors or potential students, let KJ6QVI Larry know at the email address above.