Tuolumne County Scanner Frequencies (for listening)

Law Enforcement
Calaveras County Sheriff151.01
Mariposa County Sheriff153.995
Sonora Police153.8
Tuolumne County Sherrif152.72
Tuolumne County Sherrif 2159.63
Fire Protection
Cal Fire Tactical155.49
Cal Fire Dispatch151.175
Stanislaus National Forest FIRE170.5
CDF AIR to Ground151.295
CDF Cooridination156.075
CDF TAC 2151.16
CDF TAC 8151.37
CDF WHITE 1154.28
CDF WHITE 2154.265
CDF WHITE 3154.295
CDF AIR to Ground151.22
CDF Air Tactical 1166.675
CDF Air Tactical 2169.15
CDF Air to Ground 3159.3675
CDF Air to Ground 2159.2625
Calaveras Fire Dispatch151.6625
Tuolumne Fire Dispatch151.13
Cal Fire154.19
Cal Fire 1151.355
CDF Regional151.265
Medical and Rescue
Ambulance Dispatch155.295
Air Medical Command461.575
Tuolumne Utility District153.485
Tuolumne Utility District153.665
TID Campgrounds151.475
Tuolumne County Road Dept156.165
Yosemite National Park172.65
Yosemite Village166.3
Yosemite Fire172.775
Yosemite Air to Ground168.5625
Yosemite Housing Security153.65
Yosemite Maintenance151.685
Stanislause National Forest Ops168.75
Stanislause National Forest Admin168.15
Stanislause National Forest Fire171.5
SNF Mi-Wuk Station168.05
SNF Summit Station168.6
Fish and Game151.415
Fish and Game 2151.43
SNF Air170
ISS Space Station Down145.8
Sierra Pacific Industries153.095
Sierra Pacific Industries158.325
Chicken Ranch Casino153.0275

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